Editor’s note: this is part two in an ongoing series about a coordinated long term strategy to destroy the Michigan Republican Party (MIGOP). Bigger Truth has now received some original source evidence that this same exact playbook is happening in other states. We are preparing a report on other specific states. If you have evidence that a similar scheme is unfolding within the GOP of your state, please contact us on X @biggertruth.

Bigger Truth previously issued a lengthy report on the lead operator behind the continuing internal takedown of MIGOP, Mike Labadie. This report will detail the operation, which is a multi-year strategy to recruit, radicalize, and control GOP precinct delegates with the outcome of embroiling state parties in tyrannical control, bitter infighting and financial and legal woes, severely handicapping the state parties heading into the crucial 2024 elections.

Bigger Truth just received a large folder of documents that show a strikingly similar operation in multiple other states. A detailed report will come on this specific operation very soon.

The operation in every state centers around an organized effort to recruit, train, and radicalize precinct delegates, which are the lowest-level elected official within the party. There are currently about 4,000 precinct delegates in Michigan.

Delegates are radicalized not so much on ideology but on absolute allegiance to the organization’s leadership and the employment of methods that are Marxist in origin. The goal is to create a delegate body that votes as a coordinated block for the will of the leadership rather than as individuals according to their conscience.

When we examine the results and their clearly stated plans, it becomes clear the strategists behind the Karamo administration were intent on the same goal, tearing down the existing structure to rebuild something very different. This article will explore the emerging character of what this new creation might be.

The Michigan Operation

As was detailed in the previous report, Mike Labadie was registered as a Democrat in California in 2016 before moving to Michigan in 2017. He immediately became involved in GOP party politics as a precinct delegate and by 2019 had already worked his way up to the district level and had a perch on his district’s candidate search committee, where he was seeking a candidate for secretary of state (SoS).

Labadie found his candidate in Kristina Karamo, a professing Christian interested in politics and becoming active in her local county party. Labadie assisted in getting her involved with combatting election fraud, helped her launch her SoS campaign, then visited the Arizona election audit with her in June, 2021. As documented in part one, according to aids who worked closely with Labadie and Karamo on the SoS campaign, there are clear indications Labadie may have planned for Karamo to lose.

In March or April of 2021, just a month into the SoS campaign, Anna Kamp began to develop the website and initial training materials for Michigan Precinct First (MIPF), an organized effort designed to recruit and train precinct delegates throughout the state.

For the remainder of the campaign, the delegates would be the primary focus of the SoS campaign. As documented extensively in part one, Karamo’s language was dictated by Labadie himself, even to the point of rejecting Trump’s direct advice on what to say at his final Michigan rally before the 2022 election.

Throughout the SoS campaign and even at that rally with Trump, Karamo’s language was hyper-focused on election fraud, deliberately using language sure to alienate moderate and independent voters she needed to have a chance at victory. That language did appeal to the incoming grassroots precinct delegates, however.

MIPF played an indispensable role in Karamo’s election as MIGOP chair, using tight control over information and training, deliberate misinformation and disinformation propaganda campaigns, repeated character assassination and engineered convention chaos to accomplish it.

Early warning signs

The first 18 months of MIPF was a big success. Anna Kamp worked tirelessly to build the organization and manage the Telegram channels that were the main social media outreach. By August of 2022, nearly 3,400 new GOP delegates had been elected, increasing the total number of delegates by about 2,000. It was an impressive feat and MIPF played a significant role in it.

That success was largely due to the organizational efforts of Kamp, Anna Timmer, Angela Gillesse, JD Glaser, Joe Welsh and others. All but Glaser are now actively involved in Labadie’s and Karamo’s current organization.

According to JD Glaser, the current District 5 Chair and former MIPF volunteer who helped create much of the training material used by the organization today, Labadie became increasingly involved in MIPF as the campaign progressed.

One unique trait highlighting Labadie’s involvement was the new position of “County Captain”. Both MIPF and Karamo’s SoS campaign featured this position as part of their organizational structure. According to other GOP veterans, the county captain was an innovation of Karamo’s SoS campaign and to their knowledge hadn’t been used before. Kristy Klamer, who worked closely with Karamo and Labadie as Events Manager for Karamo’s SoS campaign, was asked by Kamp to help recruit MIPF county captains.

Bigger Truth reached out to Kamp for comment 24 hours prior to publication and she did not respond.

County Captains as a means to control

Two copies of an MIPF leadership document, the first from late 2021 and the second from Sep. 2022 were obtained by Bigger Truth. They define MIPF County Captains as being “responsible for carrying out the MIPF Mission at the county level with the goal of replacing every RINO on the Republican County Executive Committee with America First patriots.”

The version from 2022 commands captains to put forward a “public face.” It reads, “In public, the MIPF Network shall always be referred to as a decentralized TEAM of grassroots patriots…” As this report will show, by Sep. 2022, when this document was written, MIPF was rapidly devolving into a rather centralized groupthink organization that was silencing members for asking questions and challenging the group’s leaders.

The notion of replacing every RINO (Republican In Name Only) evolved over time to become a source of tremendous hostility within the party, as everyone who didn’t support Karamo in her chair race or asked questions that challenged the leadership of the party was branded a RINO.

One of the consistent early messages of MIPF is that most of the veteran delegates were branded RINOs. In one of the early training documents posted on the MIPF website and since removed, a copy of which was saved and obtained by Bigger Truth, it was stated that, “As many as 85% of pre-existing delegates are RINOs.”

RINO is a deeply derogatory term in Labadie’s organization. In the MIPF Delegates Telegram channel on Nov. 23, 2022, an anonymous moderator post titled “RINO VS ‘AMERICA FIRST”, RINO operators are said to “have infiltrated the Republican Party with one goal… keep the party operating at engineered low-efficiency opposition to high-efficiency Democrats. They belong to the ‘Dem-RINO-Media synergy,’ meaning they function as co-conspirators with Democrats… at the expense of state and national survival.”

Glaser and Klamer, who both had extensive direct experience with Labadie, suggest this is classic Labadie verbiage. The theme of RINOs being a threat to the very survival of the state and nation continues to be repeatedly emphasized today in every live Q&A session held by Karamo.

Kristie Walls became the county captain for Ionia County. She was invited to an MIPF recruitment event in Sep. 2021. “I didn’t even know what a delegate was until I got there,” she said. There was a signup sheet going around and when Anna Kamp asked if anyone was interested in being a county captain, she was the only volunteer.

Kamp owned the main MIPF Telegram channel, in addition to a channel just for county captains and channels for each county. As the channel owner, she had complete moderation control, including the ability to mute and remove any member permanently. She began using those functions frequently after the August 2022 state convention, and Glaser is believed to be the first active participant to be removed.

Walls said that a few months after she became a county captain, Kamp started to encourage her to oust existing delegates in her county, “There were certain individuals within our party that she kept telling me I should push away because they’re RINOs. Many of these people jumped on board and wanted to help. I said, ‘I’m not going to push them away until they prove to me that they’re dishonest.’”

“Five of those delegates that she wanted me to push out, when I told them what we were wanting to do to recruit and train more delegates they said, ‘Great! How can I help?’ So she [Kamp] and I went back and forth about these people she wanted me to push out and I wouldn’t do it.”

“After a while I ended up deleting her from the Ionia County Telegram group so she would stop being nosey and telling us what to do. I felt like she was eavesdropping and then she would private message me and say I needed to do this or I needed to do that. I was like, ‘sorry. I use my brain, not yours.’”

Walls’ discernment and unwillingness to follow Kamp’s demands protected her county from the bitter division that marks most of the state. Ionia County has blossomed from 26 precinct delegates in 2021 to 92 delegates today.

Another former county captain, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, had a similar experience. He suggested that creating division was a feature, not a bug, of MIPF. “They were trying to sow division. Looking back on it, it was just, ‘Go recruit anyone you can and bring them all in and tell them this is what you do to take everything over.”

“I didn’t really go down that path,” the former captain continued. “If there were people who I could tell seemed a little unstable or a little too angry, I just wouldn’t follow up with them. I didn’t want to build something with people who were all emotion and not able to be logical… I encouraged people to think for themselves and ask questions. As a result, we didn’t devolve into that mob mentality.”

Turning point: JD Glaser’s classes on Robert’s Rules of Order

From the outside looking in, it seems strange that something as seemingly mundane as classes on Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised (RONR) could result in an astounding backlash, but according to Glaser, that was the turning point after which the organization began to show its true colors, perhaps due to Labadie’s increased influence.

In the Summer of 2022, Glaser saw the need for more in-depth RONR training, as RONR are the rules by which conventions operate. Glaser said, “Most delegates thought and were taught that their role is just to show up at convention and vote. But that’s not the case. The bylaws give us much more power than that if we are organized and know how to use it.”

He developed an eight hour in depth training in RONR that included extensive role playing and hands on practice with debate in a convention structure. The reviews from students were extremely positive. When he, his students, and those who hosted and organized the classes posted on the MIPF Telegram channels, they received strong condemnation from Anna Kamp and other MIPF leaders including Anna Timmer and Angela Gillesse, who eventually became the Secretary for Karamo’s administration.

Bigger Truth has received the complete record of correspondence between Kamp, Timmer, Gillesse and an individual who hosted one of Glaser’s classes with 35 registered students. That individual asked to remain anonymous for credible fear of reprisal, as people in Karamo’s and Labadie’s orbit continue to engage in fierce character assassination and abuse of anyone who criticizes them.

This lengthy record of emails, text messages, and summaries of phone conversations shows a pattern of behavior reminiscent of Marxist struggle sessions. There were many demonstrably false statements about Glaser. Kamp and Gillesse argued repeatedly that the delegates did not need to learn RONR, then claimed that they were already planning to offer RR classes.

MIPF never offered formal training in RONR. Despite being repeatedly invited to do so, neither Kamp, Timmer nor Gillesse ever took one of Glaser’s courses, so they didn’t have direct knowledge of what they were trying to shut down.

Gillesse clearly implied that MIPF engaged in deliberate filtering of information MIPF-affiliated delegates are allowed to see when she wrote in a text message prior to the event, “trainings pertaining to precinct delegate stuff really need to be vetted by the team before promoting to the delegates because a few of the team are experienced with a lot of people in the state. All ideas are welcome but there is a lot going on behind the scenes to ensure we’re well coordinated and organized…trainings promoted through [MIPF] are vetted.”

The host went forward with the event anyway, which was a big success. Afterwards, the host posted a lengthy and very positive review of the course with testimonials from students and recommendations that every delegate study RONR, whether from Glaser or from someone else.

Timmer responded by immediately texting the host, implying the host had somehow sinned against the MIPF team and demanding the host meet in person with them “so we can work towards reconciliation and restoration.”

The host responded, “I find you telling me that we need a meeting of “reconciliation and restoration” and that I was misleading, etc. a bit pretentious… That implies that I have sinned against an organization… the reasoning given for meeting is unwarranted and unjustified. Now are you saying I sinned against you personally? That would be an entirely different situation and you & I would meet personally over it, not with a team from an organization. That is where ‘reconciliation and restoration’ belong.”

That set off a lengthy back and forth by text and email containing several accusations against Glaser and the host. The accusations against Glaser were mainly that he had negotiated a mysterious “behind the curtain deal” with “RINO” MIGOP Chair Ron Weiser during the August, 2022 State Convention, that he had doxed someone who wished to remain anonymous, and that he was teaching things that were untrue and perhaps harmful.

The approach from the MIPF team was a clear example of gaslighting, a form of psychological manipulation that seeks to coerce someone into changing their beliefs about something. Kamp, Timmer and Gillesse all sprinkled all of their messages with religious language, trying to pull her back in.

The exchange culminated in a 40 minute in-person conversation with Anna Timmer centering around these concerns. The notes of the conversation conclude with, “The only issue was with JD himself and a fear that he would blow up everything they had spent 18 months practicing for.”

This statement is a bombshell. 18 months prior would have been April of 2021, around the time MIPF launched. This clearly indicates that the leadership of MIPF had for 18 months been practicing and preparing for something in particular and they feared Glaser would blow it up.

After Glaser taught a handful of those classes, Kamp and others began aggressively posting anonymous character assassination messages on their various Telegram channels.

MIPF’s emerging bias

After Karamo lost the SoS race by over 600k votes and refused to concede, she quickly announced a run for chair of the Michigan Republican Party. Glaser announced he was running for chair as well, along with several others. He had substantial delegate support at that time as he had demonstrated strong leadership in the August 2022 state convention and had been teaching RONR and other live classes through MIPF for over a year.

After that, MIPF’s actions strongly suggest that the months of practice and preparation Timmer mentioned became focused on assisting Karamo in becoming MIGOP Chair. Many delegates were muted or removed from the Telegram channels for questioning Karamo. Anonymous character assassinations would be hurled at Glaser and Karamo’s other opponents through multiple Telegram channels (since deleted) without giving them the opportunity to respond.

“They have intentionally engaged in damaging my name,” said Glaser. “Both libel and slander, without pointing to one verifiably incorrect thing I’ve said.”

Walls said, “During the chair race, when I looked at the Karamo-Pego website for her chair campaign, I thought, there are so many untrue statements in here, it’s not even funny. She said she had hands-on experience with volunteer organization and fundraising and scheduling and event planning and I knew for a fact that she was misrepresenting all of that. You can represent yourself as capable when running for an office without lying, but that’s not what she did.”

“I was asking questions about the other candidates in the MIPF chat and I got a lot of pushback from Anna [Kamp] for questioning Karamo’s abilities. I pushed back and kept asking questions. When I said I didn’t think she had the skill set for MRP chair Anna deleted me from the group.”

Walls added, “In hindsight I think it’s true that the purpose of MIPF was to ensure Karamo’s election as chair.”

If that is true, then it further suggests this was a seven-year plan of Labadie’s to recruit and train a SoS candidate, intending to lose so that they could become MIGOP chair, then directing the actions of that Chair and others in MIGOP in ways that would result in its destruction leading up to the 2024 election.

More Communist tactics

Fast forward to Dec. 2, 2023. A MIGOP State Committee meeting had been scheduled at a church in Redford because lack of fundraising had resulted in the party being unable to afford its normal meeting venue.

Competing protests by pro-Israel and pro-Palestine groups planned outside of the event led the church to cancel the event the day prior. Committee members scrambled and found an alternative venue for free, as the party had no money to pay for a venue. At 2:00 am, Karamo sent an announcement that the event would be held virtually on Microsoft Teams instead of at that venue.

This was the final straw for many committee members, as Karamo had already repeatedly demonstrated her abuse of online meeting platforms by preventing members from speaking in violation of MIGOP bylaws. The vast majority of the district chairs concluded that the in-person meeting needed to proceed in protest against the restrictive virtual meeting option and they advised their members accordingly.

Two District 9 members, secretary Darcy Guello and Nancy Laskowski, who attended as a proxy, attended the in-person meeting, and they logged in to Karamo’s Teams call while at the meeting. Karamo’s online meeting ultimately did not achieve quorum, or the minimum number of members needed to conduct an official meeting. She refused to recognize the request of the in-person delegates to be allowed to speak at will during the virtual session, so the majority of the State Committee members chose not to participate in a meeting where they would not be allowed to speak. The in-person meeting was able to achieve the quorum Karamo lacked, and that in-person meeting was where the bylaws-compliant process began to remove her.

When the District 9 executive committee, overwhelmingly comprised of Karamo supporters, learned that the Dec. 2 meeting was attended by Guello and Laskowski, they scheduled a special meeting on Dec. 20 to immediately remove the two women from membership.

Prior to the meeting, Karamo Chief of Staff Lori Skibo sent them the following questionnaire and allegedly asked them to sign an affidavit attesting to their support for Karamo.

This questionnaire was presented as if part of an official investigation, including the ominous text, “Legal action and possible law enforcement referral are being reviewed with counsel.” It eerily resembles a communist-style struggle session. There are 16 questions, including:

  • Who gave you the direction to go to the unsanctioned meeting?
  • Were you aware that the Chairwoman is the only individual who has the authority to determine where and how meetings are conducted?
  • Please name all individuals who appeared to be in charge or leading the unsanctioned meeting. If you don’t know the name, provide a description of each individual.

Both delegates refused to participate in the interrogation.

This special meeting on Dec. 20 was an example of MIPF tactics. It shows the real colors of an organization that seeks the control, not the empowerment, of the Michigan precinct delegates. They cannot tolerate anyone stepping out of that control even in a small way.

According to a former member of District 9 who asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, “There was a motion made to remove them for attending this ‘illegal’ meeting. To me it was a witch hunt. I pleaded as best I could for them to table this.

“We pleaded with the district chair to not have that meeting over Christmastime. Both of these members who were going to be removed were not able to attend the meeting because of Christmas plans so they weren’t even able to defend themselves.

“There was a group within our district that was adamant and used Robert’s Rules very rapidly against everybody to have their way and get a vote to have them removed. We were one vote short of stopping that. I resigned and several others resigned the day after that happened because it wasn’t fair to anybody.

“Honestly it was a witchhunt.”

It’s still all about the delegates for Karamo

In text saved that previously appeared on the MIPF website describing the organization, it read, “’Precinct Captains’ receive convention scripts and other resources for developing county teams…”

The promotion of convention scripts evidences MIPF’s intent to direct its members to vote as a single block rather than encouraging members to vote their conscience as individuals.

Despite being removed by the state executive committee according to the bylaws, which a simple and rational reading of the bylaws affirms; despite that process being affirmed as legitimate by the two lead RNC attorneys; and despite President Trump clearly endorsing newly-elected chair Pete Hoekstra and rejecting Karamo; she keeps steamrolling ahead. She is traveling the state on a delegate outreach tour, answering questions and making personal and emotional appeals to the precinct delegates to support her in spite of what anyone in authority may decide.

Even before Trump’s endorsement of Hoekstra, Karamo supporters were promiting the idea that “Trump makes poor personnel decisions.” After Trump posted his endorsement on Truth Social, Karamo supporters posted hundreds of derogatory messages aimed at Trump on Trump’s social media network.

Her team released a nearly 7-minute video full of demonstrably untrue statements, name calling, and emotionally manipulative language. It concludes with a clear statement of their intentions for the March 2 State Convention. Screenshot below:

These points make clear that their intentions. As we examine each objective it will become clear that all of them have more to do with the Communist agenda than the Republican platform.

  1. Decide the “real” Chairperson and Executive Committee members. They clearly intend to direct their followers to vote as a block to remove Pete Hoekstra and replace him with Kristina Karamo. This item further implies that they intend to remove Executive Committee members who have opposed Karamo.

    They already did this in the meeting Karamo called on Jan. 13 that was illegitimate according to the bylaws, as she was already removed from the chair position and the meeting was officially canceled by then-interim chair Malinda Pego. At that meeting they “removed” six members for having the audacity of working to hold her accountable in accordance with the bylaws.

    If she is able to succeed in rallying a majority of delegates at the March 2 caucus, she could conceivably remove all members who have voted to remove her, creating a state committee that is free of any dissenting voice and that will not hold her accountable for her actions.
  2. Pass a resolution to close public primary vote and open it to delegates. This resolution would eliminate voters’ ability to hold the party accountable altogether by eliminating all primary elections. Instead delegates alone would have all authority to select Republican nominations at every level of government, from mayor to governor, to the delegates.

    The same delegates that Karamo and the people around her have complete control over.
  3. Pass by-laws to close out the establishment control of the party. While the entire scope of the bylaws they intend to pass are a tightly held secret, one portion of it was leaked. This document dealt with a proposed new Conflict Resolution Committee and laid out a plan to give the Karamo Administration’s General Counsel, Dan Hartman, the authority to settle conflicts at county and district levels by removing individual members or even entire executive committees from office. See the entire document below.

This is important in examining the character of what the strategists behind this administration intended to build. If any one of these measures were to pass, it would be in complete opposition to Republican values. One doesn’t have to guess what they would do next or what they want. Their actions and their own stated objectives reveal their intentions: to make the Republican party as obedient and controlled as their left-wing counterparts.

Throughout history, communists have succeeded where they have divided. The MIGOP has now been deeply and deliberately divided.

I’m going to conclude this part with what I believe is the moral of all of this. Any voice that would tell us to hate our neighbor is wrong, especially if that neighbor ought to be our natural ally in a greater fight. Much of what Karamo and the similar organizations in others states say is true. There is a global communist conspiracy that wants to strip us of all our God-given rights. But we will only defeat it if we stop fighting against each other and start working together. We need to step back, examine what is dividing us, seek humbly to understand what is true, and find the hard path towards forgiveness and unity.

Bigger Truth has collected many more direct accounts and documents that go much deeper to expose this nation-wide effort to weaken the GOP from within. Stay tuned.

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