Clockwise from left: Mike Labadie, Kristina Karamo, Ken Beyer, Dan Hartman, Joel Studebaker, Dakota Sawyer, Robert Owens, Dan Bonamie, Joe Welsh, James Copas

This is part three of an ongoing series about the intentional destruction of the Michigan Republican Party (MIGOP) from within by outside forces operating through the Kristina Karamo organization.

Update 2/15 9:55am: less than 12 hours after publication, two new pieces of information came to light. They are inserted into the story and indicated as updates.

In our first two reports we examined extensive evidence that showed how Mike Labadie was a driving force behind Kristina Karamo’s intentionally failed Secretary of State (SoS) campaign that led to her election as MIGOP chair, where Labadie continued to direct Karamo’s language and decision making, resulting in the completely failed state MIGOP found itself in when she was removed on Jan 6.

This report will show how Labadie is not an anomaly in Karamo’s inner circle. Jim Copas, her former Executive Director; Robert Owens, a political consultant who has been intimately involved in her operations to this day; Joe Welsh, who was involved from the beginning in Michigan Precinct First (MIPF), the subject of part 2 of this series; Dan Bonamie, Karamo’s former State Budget Chair and Ken Beyer have exhibited highly unethical and at times criminal behavior.

All are her closest advisors and their influence in her organization help explain why she refuses to step down for the good of the party just months before a critical election – despite a dismal record of failure as chair, despite President Trump clearly endorsing her replacement and now despite the RNC ruling unanimously that her removal was legitimate.

Karamo and many of her supporters claim she is a devout Christian based on what she says. Jesus said, “By their fruits you shall know them.” This report will show definitively and factually that the organization Karamo has built around herself not only demonstrates a rejection of Republican values, but a complete rejection of the humility and righteousness the Bible clearly says Christians are to be known by.

James Copas

James Copas at the 6th District meeting in December, 2023.

In an undated video of a Q&A speaking event from the last week of Jan. 2024, Karamo said, “Jim Copas is our executive director. He is not a felon. That was false reports of people accusing him of being a felon, no he is not. Jim Copas is a fantastic executive director. He’s a brilliant attorney… so Jim Copas has been a phenomenal addition to our team.”

Court documents obtained by Bigger Truth reveal that Copas faced a civil complaint with two counts of racketeering under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) in 2004 after allegedly defrauding his employer, Flextronics, Inc., by selling properties owned by his employer to his wife for pennies on the dollar, who then flipped the properties to another buyer for more than $1Million in profit. (corrected 2/24/24)

According to District Judge Ruben Castillo’s July 28, 2004 ruling, “Between August 2003 and February 2004, Copas – using the U.S. mail and wire systems – sold two of these properties and attempted to sell the remaining properties to [Copas’ wife, Cynthia] Zanella for considerably less than what other buyers had offered. For example, he rejected an offer for one of the properties that was more than $400,000 more than what Zanella actually paid. He never informed Flextronics that he was married to Zanella; instead he simply referred to her as the ‘buyer.'”

In Judge Castillo’s final analysis, he dismissed the RICO charges because 10 acts of mail and wire fraud in a single scheme committed against a single victim did not meet the legal threshold for RICO. The RICO counts were dismissed. (corrected 2/24/24)

On page three of his decision, Castillo wrote, “In sum, we find that Flextronics has not alleged a pattern of racketeering activity because it did not allege close-ended continuity. Ten predicate acts of mail and wire fraud within a seven month period in furtherance of a single scheme that caused a distinct injury to a single victim do not constitute closed-ended continuity.” He then cited a similar ruling from Pizzo v. Bekin Van lines Co., that said, “Simply put, we do not believe that Congress intended RICO to apply to allegations of fraud such as this absent a showing of criminal acitivity which presents a more significant social threat.” Complete ruling below:

The 20 page complaint, written by Flextronics’ attorneys, alleges that Copas engaged in a two year process of deceiving his supervisors, taking strict and secretive control over all communication with prospective buyers, rejecting offers for far more than the sales prices ultimately received from his wife, and ultimately flipping the properties his wife bought to the buyer that had made the much higher offer. Flextronics claimed their losses – and Zanella’s profits were in excess of $1,000,000. Entire complaint below:

Update Feb. 24: Bigger Truth spoke to Copas after original publication. He claimed that the above complaint was “full of lies,” specifically that the company knew Zanella was his wife and that they didn’t receive higher offers prior to selling the properties to his wife. When asked if Flextronics perjured itself, he said, “Yes.” He said, “That was all a lie. That was just bullsh-t that absolutely unethical lawyers will argue in court just like that moron [Matt] DePerno did last week in Kalamazoo, lied through his teeth. Are you kidding? Most lawyers have no ethical basis. That’s why I went to law school, to figure the game out. And I understand it.”

Andy Sebolt served as Policy Chair under Karamo from the beginning of her tenure until Nov 2023, when he and others were terminated without explanation. Sebolt told Bigger Truth that he first met Copas in May or June of 2023, before he was officially hired as Executive Director.

After Copas joined the Karamo Administration, he took strict control over the negotiations for key note speaker for the Sep 2023 Mackinac Conference. According to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the negotiations, offers were secured for two keynote speakers – James O’Keefe and Dinesh D’Souza – for a combined total cost of $60,000.

Copas rejected these offers and instead negotiated a contract with the agent for Jim Caviezel, the actor and conservative influencer most famous for his role as Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ” (2004). The contract price for Caviezel was $110,000.

Dan Bonamie became the Budget Chair after Matt Johnson was removed unilaterally from that position without explanation by Karamo on July 27, 2023. Bonamie stated repeatedly in a Rescue Michigan podcast shortly after the Mackinac Conference that Caviezel’s fee was donated, so the event was therefore profitable by about $50,000.

After many weeks of dodging the question, Copas and Karamo finally admitted to the budget committee that the donor/lender was Lynette Copas, Copas’ current wife.

By October, the Karamo team had changed the story. Caviezel’s speaking fee was not a gift, but a loan from Copas’ wife, and was being repaid with interest. In an email written by Karamo that was leaked by former Budget Committee member Todd Gillman, Karamo wrote, “I do not recall stating or implying that the payment for Caveziel was a gift from an anonymous donor. But what I have always known as a matter of fact, that the disposition of that money would be known to the budget committee.”

Gillman said the loan was not, in fact, disclosed to the budget committee in advance. He wrote in the email to which Karamo wrote the above reply, “I find it disturbing that the budget committee was told from the very beginning that Jim was being paid for by an anonymous donor and that was never the case. Unfortunately this has been standard operating procedure. The admin spends the money we don’t have then tells us about it later.”

In late Jan 2024, Karamo told the audience at a Q&A session that the loan was paid in full. There is no mention at all of the loan, payments or interest in the FEC financial filing Karamo’s team submitted on Feb 4, 2024, raising questions about whether the loan was actually paid or if there are bank accounts and other transactions that are not being disclosed.

Several party insiders have anonymously voiced the concern to Bigger Truth that Copas may have employed the same scheme he committed against Flextronics against MIGOP with this loan to Caviezel. Some wonder if Caviezel’s speaker fee is really nearly 400% that of either DeSouza and O’Keefe or if it was padded and a portion kept by Copas.

Copas did not return a request for comment on this story. Attempts to reach Caviezel were unsuccessful.

Karamo said in the above video, “he is a brilliant attorney.” Records show he is, in fact, not an attorney. Copas sued the Michigan Board of Examiners in 2013 and appealed all the way to the Michigan Supreme Court to get his Michigan law license. The order below shows it was denied.

In addition to Copas’ brushes with the law, another concerning detail is his alleged connections with Knights Templar, a secret society connected to Freemasonry. Copas has encouraged this speculation by naming his business consulting company Trinity-Templar, Inc. Documents from the Wyoming Secretary of State show that he formed the company in 2019.

Further, Copas has been seen wearing Knights Templar paraphernalia, including the ring in the image below, which was taken at a 6th District Executive Committee meeting in Dec 2023.

According to our earlier report about Mike Labadie, Labadie also occasionally discussed Freemasonry with Kristy Klamer, JD Glaser and others. Glaser said that Labadie even texted him images from secret Freemason texts. Another source, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, recently told Bigger Truth, “Mike told me that the goal of Freemasons is for the world to become their altar.”

Was he referring to acts of sacrifice? “Yes, as in reducing the world’s population.” Many theologians have said that Biblical Christianity is incompatible with Freemasonry.

Detail of Knights Templar Ring worn by James Copas at a District 6 meeting in Dec 2023.

Bigger Truth reached out to Copas more than 24 hours prior to publication and he did not respond.

Update Feb 24: On Feb. 23, Copas resigned from the Karamo organization. On Feb. 24, he reached out to Bigger Truth by phone. He informed us of an inaccuracy in the original report, where we had written that Copas with charged racketeering. This was inaccurate in that he was brought with a civil RICO complaint, not criminal charges. The complaint and the RICO counts were dismissed. Copas said that the complaint was “full of lies,” that Flextronics did know that Zanellas was his wife and that they had not received higher offers before selling the properties to Zanellas, The story has been corrected accordingly.

Robert Owens

From left: Dakota Sawyer of the American Union PAC, former MIGOP chair Kristina Karamo, and Michigan Republican Policy (MRP) Communications Director, Robert Owens at the Mackinac Conference in Sep 2023.

Robert Owens is a strange and mysterious addition to Karamo’s team. He appears to have lived his entire life in Ohio. In 2008 and 2010 he ran unsuccessful campaigns for Ohio Attorney General. He was an attorney in Delaware County, where he received a one year suspension of his law license in 2018 for allegedly defrauding clients. On Sep. 11, 2023, he was convicted of five counts of theft and one count of grand theft, having defrauded and stolen over $120,000 from his clients.

According to an anonymous source familiar with the Ohio political landscape, he was involved with Ohio Freedom Action Network, an umbrella conservative grassroots organization that includes Ohio Precinct Strategy, an organization that was based on Dan Schultz’ work at This source also indicated that Owens told most of his contacts in Ohio that the felony charges were a form of political persecution because someone close to him had resisted Governor Dewine’s “tyrannical acts.” (corrected 2/15)

As the documents below prove, this was an untrue statement. The charges had nothing to do with election fraud. Owens stole client funds by instructing them to deposit funds far in excess of his retainer into an account that he had access to.

Owens entered a guilty plea on May 2, 2023:

Despite having no known connection to Michigan, Owens began to appear in Michigan some time in 2022, telling people he was a “field operator” for the John Birch Society (JBS). He was apparently removed from membership by JBS on June 1, 2023. Below is a picture provided to Bigger Truth of Owens on a Donna Brandenburg for Governor parade float in an undisclosed Michigan location in Summer 2022.

Owens began traveling around Michigan in Aug. and Sep. 2023 with Karamo and Dakota Sawyer, another native Ohioan. According to the source in Ohio, it became known among attendees at an Ohio political event in Summer 2023 that Sawyer was leaving Ohio for Michigan for a political job and “Ohio’s loss was Michigan’s gain.” (corrected 2/15)

Bigger Truth spoke with Dr. Andrew Huff, an expert court witness and author who lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He hosted Karamo, Owens, Sawyer and one or two other guests at his home for an overnight stay in early Sep. 2023, four months after he pled guilty to felonies in Ohio. He returned to Huff’s house on behalf of MIGOP in Oct. 2023 with Sawyer and two others from Michigan.

The intent of the visits was to raise money for MIGOP. On the first visit, when Karamo was present, Owens asked for $20,000 then shortly later offered to help him with a campaign for congress in a thinly veiled “pay to play” scheme. Owens also brought a case of firearms with him on that trip to fire on Huff’s private shooting range. This occurred about a week or two before Owens’ felony conviction.

At the time of his second visit with Huff on Oct. 9, Owens was on probation for his felony conviction, and he again brought his own firearms and fired them with the small group. It is unknown whether this was a violation of his parole. (update 2/15)

Another potential parole violation would have been his time at the Grand Hotel at the Mackinac Conference, less than two weeks after his Sep. 11 felony conviction. The Grand Hotel serves alcohol, and staying at an event where alcohol was served may have been a parole violation. (update 2/15)

Around the time of Karamo’s travels with Owens, he became a more established fixture in her orbit. Karamo has said that Owens “did a really great job at helping us bring in speakers” for the Mackinac Conference:

About two weeks before the Mackinac Conference, Owens’ ex-wife, Teri Owens, signed an affidavit that alleges a deep pattern of deceit, adultery, slander, and verbal abuse. The affidavit alleges that Robert Owens:

  • Frequently lied to clients and opposing counsel as an attorney.
  • Admitted to his ex-wife, their pastor and another church member that he hired “about a dozen” prostitutes in a 12 month period.
  • Got “ahead of the narrative” by smearing her with false allegations that she had multiple affairs, engaged in threesomes, was a drug abuser who torched his finances, embezzled funds from his office and more.
  • Was $93,275 in arrears in child support and $21,531 in arrears in equalization payments.

The Affidavit is below. It’s an interesting read.

Owens started Michigan Republican Policy in Dec. 2023. In early Feb. 2024 he did an interview with Michigan Information and Research Service (MIRS) where he said that “generous donors” were funding his “think tank” that was focused on “telling the truth about the Michigan Republican Party.”

Michigan Republican Policy (MRP) has the same acronym as Michigan Republican Party and the newsletter is sent to the list of every delegate in the state. As he claims to have the title of Communications Director of MRP, many delegates have the false impression that he is Communications Director of MIGOP.

Karamo’s organization sent a cease and desist letter to Malinda Pego and other state committee members who had removed her, threatening a lawsuit for what she claimed was the false use of the MIGOP name and logo. She has never taken such action against Owens.

Owens frequently makes inappropriate and lewd comments about Karamo’s critics on his X account and on various Telegram channels. The patterns of “getting ahead of the narrative” and smearing and slandering others described by his ex-wife appear to continue frequently.

When asked for comment about these issues, Owens responded, “I have lots of comments! But you promised to make me famous first. I’m not so sure you can deliver.”

Dan Bonamie

Dan Bonamie became chair of the state budget committee after Karamo unilaterally removed Matt Johnson from that post in June 2023. Since then he has remained an ardent supporter of Karamo and has, on multiple occasions, contributed to the general confusion and lack of transparency regarding the party’s finances.

Three former budget committee members came forward to Bigger Truth about their experiences with Bonamie. Their statements follow.

Todd Gillman, state budget committee member, said about Bonamie, “The problem I had is he acted like he was part of the administration and not the chair of the budget committee. He did not hold Kristina accountable. He never pushed back on the lack of information we got. He just covered for her lack of transparency.”

Jessica Barefield served on the budget committee until she resigned in Nov. 2023. She said, “Dan Bonamie, as chair of the budget committee, was a master of contradiction and misinformation. For example, one moment he’d claim all our financial obligations were met with the Grand Hotel, only to pivot within minutes, claiming there was still an outstanding food and beverage bill from the same hotel…the substance of his words often veered from the truth, a perplexing reality I encountered firsthand during my time on the committee.”

Tim Ross, , Pete Hoekstra’s Budget Chair, said, “Dan Bonamie doesn’t seem to care about bylaws. Twice he called special meetings of the budget committee with only 4 days notice. When I challenged him, he said the situation was such a grave emergency that it justified violating the bylaws. Neither meeting was that important and there is no provision to violate the bylaws. Also, on several occasions, he lied to the budget committee, and to others, about bills that had been paid [when they had not been paid].”

The concerns about Bonamie’s character extend far beyond his performance as state budget chair. Bonamie is township supervisor for Beaver Creek Township in Crawford County, where he is being recalled for paying himself and the clerk $10,000 bonuses each from COVID relief funds.

Max Meisner was Beaver Creek Township Treasurer when Bonamie took office in 2020. He wrote a statement to Bigger Truth regarding his experiences with Bonamie, which were clearly less than favorable.

Meisner was the first of four treasurers to resign in the first three years of Bonamie’s tenure as supervisor.

Meisner said, “Bonamie has shown the most malice and dishonesty, starting with demanding pay without being sworn in.” He then explained that he and the new clerk, Sandy Beaudet, conspired to ensure that Bonamie was paid starting in Nov. 2020 even though he wasn’t sworn in until Jan 2021.

Meisner also alleged repeated violations of the Open Meetings Act when he said, “Dan constantly and intentionally violated MOA and his sworn duty to uphold the integrity of office. He would force closed door meetings with me and the clerk and threaten me. He also breached the divisions of office and was handling money and other assets. I outlined many concerns in my letter of resignation and made sure the attorney was aware of their shenanigans.”

Meisner then described a pattern of behavior that is practiced throughout the Karamo organization: engaging in character assassination by spreading grotesque, salacious lies about those who speak out against them. This is consistent with the tactics of the communist left as described by Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” especially rule #13: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Meisner said, “Dan and Sandy both lied about their abilities then cast aspersions on me and all the other treasurers that we were the ones who were somehow dishonest and incompetent. Dan had the audacity to say out loud that I embezzled something north of $300,000. Of course, no one believes his lies except for the small handful of people who buy into his bullsh-t.”

A recent recall effort fell short as a time deadline wasn’t met, although there were ample signatures acquired. The attempted recall was against Bonamie, Beaudet, and Trustee Doug Yanniello for their role in paying Bonamie and Beaudet a combined $20,000 in “bonuses” from COVID relief funds. They accomplished this with votes of 2-3 without a treasurer in a meeting that barely met quorum, as the minutes from that meeting show:

Major Update 2/15: A source just informed Bigger Truth that last night as this report was being published, Bonamie held a township meeting and orchestrated a vote that was not previously on the agenda. He had arranged for an attorney to attend the meeting from “downstate.”

What was voted on and approved with little discussion was an amendment to the minutes posted above to add “several paragraphs” of “legal language” that Bonamie claimed was accidentally not included in the above minutes. The legal language described a long list of tasks and job responsibilities that Bonamie and Beaudet supposedly accomplished that that they were being compensated for with their $10K payments.

An audio recording was taken of the public meeting and will be included in an additional story on this matter next week. (end update)

As the testimonies from the above state budget committee members show, Bonamie brought his record of financial malfeasance and tactics of the far left to play at the state level in his position as Karamo’s “Guy” leading the state budget committee.

Bonamie did not respond to Bigger Truth for comment prior to publication.

Joe Welsh

Joe Welsh owns a successful ice cream business in Traverse City and was one of the founding leaders of MIPF. On Feb 13 he was elected to the first district executive committee. The first district, which comprises the northern part of the state, is known as the strongest center of support for Karamo. He is suspected to be highly active on the Unshackle the Mitten Telegram channel, which engages in anonymously written posts aligned with Saul Alinsky tactics, often ridiculing and falsely slandering Karamo’s critics.

Welsh has demonstrated physical aggression in the past. In Sep. 2021, he was charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly punching a reporter. Witnesses saw Welsh charge towards the reporter but did not see the punch, so charges were eventually dropped.

In April 2022, Welsh became involved in a pay to play scheme against William Hindle, a candidate for state senate. Welsh sent Hindle the following email offering him a $50,000/year job if he would back out of the race and support George Ranville, another GOP candidate.

This scheme was further complicated by “Trucker Randy” Bishop’s involvement. Hindle said that Bishop was present for an earlier meeting with Welsh, Ranville and Hindle where Ranville offered him a campaign job if he dropped out.

Bishop was running for the same senate seat as a Democrat. He told Bridge Michigan in the report cited above that “I don’t even know Joe Welsh.”

According to a statement to Bigger Truth from Hindle’s wife, Judith Hindle, Bishop then coordinated with Welsh, using Bishop’s radio show, to slander Hindle. She said, “Joe Welsh and his cohort, a small town radio host, began spreading vicious lies about us, one being that we were ‘secret Democrat Jews.’ The other malicious and absurd lie was in regards to a ‘secret abortion’ I supposedly had.”

The Hindles confronted Welsh about the public slander and, she said, “Welsh had no response. He was not sorry, nor did he seek forgiveness for his hypocritical behavior. Mr. Welsh took no responsibility for his participation in any of the above activities. He used Bible verses to justify his actions, condemn others, and shift blame.”

Melanie Greenfield first met Welsh at a conservative training event in Gaylord a few years ago and they became friends. The same 2022 state senate race became a polarizing event in their friendship. Greenfield told Bigger Truth, “I supported William Hindle, and he supported George Ranville. He started texting me Bible verses telling me I wasn’t following the Bible by supporting the Hindles. One text from Welsh read, ‘Ok, so Christianity is Bible Optional in your view. Now I know where you stand. Thank you.’

“More recently, a mutual friend reported to me that Joe called me a ‘sister of Satan.'”

Shelly Lake came to know Welsh after she became a precinct delegate in 2022. In a statement to Bigger Truth, she described her communication with Welsh in ways that bear striking resemblance to Mike Labadie. She said, “He was always quoting the Bible, advising how others were not living Christian-like lives, and talking about conspiracies going on around us. He would refer to history and events in the Bible, comparing them to current happenings in the Republican Party. Our texts were friendly, and we formed a good, trusting friendship.”

Lake said there was a sudden and startling turn from Welsh. She said, “Being new to the Bible, I took his advice seriously. A time came, though, when his texts became very angry, and he demanded to know why I would associate with people who were with Satan.

“I was completely caught off guard, as this change of personality came out of nowhere. He was trying to shame me because he didn’t like who I was talking and working with. He used more Bible verses and Satan talk to really talk down to me.”

This is a shocking example of spiritual abuse against a new believer in Christ, but it is a tactic that has been reported to be used by others in Karamo’s immediate orbit, as well.

Ken Beyer

Ken Beyer became a precinct delegate in 2022 and is now District 4 Chair. He often produces videos in support of Karamo and helping promote her organization’s narratives. In the following video clip, he uses biblical language to position himself as a Christian and everyone who disagrees with him or Karamo as liars and children of Satan:

His videos have featured many knowingly false statements. Simply calling Karamo “the real Chairwoman of Michigan GOP,” which he does in every video, is a deliberately untrue statement. She was removed on Jan 6 in adherence to the bylaws and because of her team’s record of financial mismanagement, lack of transparency, and failure to raise funds. Her removal is reflected on the RNC website and President Trump affirmed it when he endorsed her replacement, Pete Hoekstra.

Later in the same video referenced above, Beyer provides a striking example of a common tactic of the far left and the media, where they accuse us of doing the very things they do to us. In this clip he actually accuses the people who have worked to remove Karamo and restore sanity to the party of using Saul Alinsky’s tactics.

Beyer demonstrated incredibly offensive behavior when he was deposed by Matt DePerno in the Kalamazoo GOP court case. In the deposition, he said of Dr. Tamara Mitchell, a married woman and former candidate for state senate, “The only way she could call herself a missionary if she was on her back with her legs spread.”

Dr. Mitchell’s missionary work included providing kidney dialysis to underprivileged children.

It would be difficult for most Christians to comprehend how debased a mind must be to conjure that kind of statement about another man’s wife and a sister in Christ.

Beyer told Bigger Truth that he apologized to Dr. Mitchell in court and added, “We should do a video interview. Because we are working on a story about you too.”

Kristina Karamo

While Karamo does not have the kind of past of the people surrounding her, it is clear she has been influenced by them.

Kristy Klamer developed a close personal friendship with Karamo as she worked intimately with her during all 21 months of her SoS campaign. She told Bigger Truth that she knew Karamo to be a sincere, truthful and kind person throughout the campaign.

That began to change, however, during Karamo’s campaign for MIGOP Chair, when she said two things in her forums that Klamer knew were untrue.

Karamo was asked at a forum in Calhoun County to name three examples of how fundraising was a strength of hers. Klamer continued, “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, knowing that fundraising was absolutely not a strength of hers. Not even close, it would have definitely been something she would have needed to hire someone for. I felt so disappointed that she was being deceptive in who she really was. This was the beginning of me seeing her change. It was so hard for me to accept.”

“The second was when she said Mike [Labadie] was just a friend. I knew that was untrue and I knew that she knew that it was untrue. But since many delegates didn’t really even know of Mike it probably didn’t really cause any concerns to most people at that time.”

Klamer continued, “Knowing how important the role of chair was and its effect on the state as a whole, I knew I needed to start speaking with delegates on why this wasn’t a good fit for her.”

After her removal on Jan 6, Karamo began a “Questions, Answers, and Facts” tour of speaking engagements throughout the state. Throughout these sessions, she routinely makes demonstrably untrue statements about the party’s finances, her opponents, her position as chair, the bylaws, former chair Ron Weiser, and more.

It appears in watching videos of these events that she has developed the ability, likely under Labadie’s tutelage, to lie fluidly.

Karamo has made it very clear that she will not step down, even now that the RNC has voted unanimously that her removal was legitimate. She has said repeatedly that only the delegates have the authority to say who is chair. She and her team have clearly deceived many delegates – many of whom are Christians – into believing that she is a righteous warrior in a holy war and everyone against her is evil.

This week she posted a video that falsely insinuated that the Chinese Communist Party might be involved in the effort to remove her. Based on her track record of projecting her misdeeds upon others, one might wonder if the people behind Labadie are connected to the CCP.

Karamo did say something that was true in this short clip from that video:

If we are to return to our constitutionalist principles and our Judeo-Christian values, we must discern truth by examining evidence, not empty words. We must reject all unrighteousness and humbly seek justice. And we must be truthful.

Karamo, the people around her, and many of her followers have wittingly or unwittingly adopted the goals and methods of the left.

This is incompatible with what most Republicans would agree that our goals and methods should be: discerning, just and truthful.

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