MICHIGAN – A pair of resolution documents distributed to Karamo-supporting county executives prior to the Feb. 15 county conventions reveal her intent to restructure the Michigan Republican Party (MIGOP) into something that resembles an Orwellian dictatorship that robs Michigan voters of their right to vote in primary elections.

These documents first establish a county subcommittee to investigate and discipline delegates out of the party for “flagrant and pervasive disregard for the tenets of the United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Republican Party Platform.

The second resolution establishes a “closed caucus” that would enable delegates – at least those who are not removed for having the wrong groupthink – to select the candidates who will represent MIGOP on the general election ballot for all positions at the county level and above. Voters would no longer have a say.

The final resolution would create a state-wide Ministry of Truth to “hold candidates, elected officials, and election workers accountable to the US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Republican Party Platform.” The documents are below:

The resolution passed in at least one Karamo-supporting county at convention on Feb 15. It signal’s Karamo’s intentions to use the March 2 caucus to restructure MIGOP bylaws in ways that most Republican voters would reject.

At a meeting on Feb. 17 that Karamo called even though she did not have the authority to do so after she was removed on 1/6, Karamo and the committee members present voted to spend the funds that were donated by the National Republican Congressional Caucus(NRCC) for her back salary. She had previously said multiple times over the last six months that she would not accept pay until she was able to raise funds for MIGOP.

These funds were donated by small donors who wanted to support congressional candidates. Now it’s going towards Karamo’s $130,000 salary. An analysis of the FEC filings by Rescue Michigan’s Adam DeAngeli shows very few donations that were more than offset by expenditures.

At that meeting on Feb. 17, Karamo’s team also changed the rules for the district caucuses scheduled for March 2 in Detroit, making it into a firehouse state convention. This change would violate state bylaws and the legal purpose of the caucus.

Partly in response, MIGOP Chair Pete Hoekstra issued a call to convention on Feb. 20 for the state caucus to be held in Grand Rapids on March 2. The RNC has already acknowledged that they will only accept the delegates from the convention that Hoekstra chairs, and he had the right to change the event location according to the bylaws.

It is unknown at this time if Karamo will hold her own competing caucus at Huntington Place in Detroit at that time. If she does, any outcome of the event would not be legally recognized, especially if the current lawsuit is decided against her before that date.

On Feb. 21, Karamo’s organization was defending itself in court in a lawsuit to force her to surrender access to the party’s bank accounts, financial records, use of the party’s name, and mailing lists, which she has refused to do since she was legally removed on Jan. 6.

In this video Scott McMahan discusses the closed caucus scheme. You can find Scott on X: @BiggerTruth

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