UPDATE Feb 26 7:00pm: Bigger Truth was just informed by an attorney who is active within MIGOP of a “poison pill” inserted into this “Constitution” document that appears to be intended to cause complete destruction to MIGOP by inviting Democrats to join and sue the party on civil rights grounds. See update at the end of this story for more.

MICHIGAN – On the eve of a court hearing that could result in the legal end of Kristina Karamo’s ability to continue to call herself Chair of the Michigan Republican Party (MIGOP), a series of internal documents was released that signal her intention to restructure MIGOP to make it into an authoritarian dictatorship that it claims would be above any law or court in the land.

Andy Sebolt was the policy chair under the Karamo administration until November 2023. He told Bigger Truth that Karamo first approached him to discuss major changes to the bylaws with James Copas and General Counsel Dan Hartman in May or June of 2023. He had been involved in several discussions about these changes, often referred to as a “party constitution,” during his tenure, but was never allowed to review a draft.

Sebolt was removed from his position without cause after he had repeatedly challenged the Karamo administration to provide more accountability to the bylaws and transparency.

This “Michigan Republican Party Constitution,” which is longer and infinitely more convoluted than the US Constitution, opens with a patriotic image of the 1776 flag and the US Constitution followed by a preamble with fine print footnotes.

The preamble with footnotes declares that the new document was written to “form a more perfect Michigan Republican Party” and that it will “ensure party tranquility” by forming “a functional and qualified conflict resolution committee to manage all MIGOP internal disputes.” Later, in Section 8.1.1, the document says, “The conflict resolution committee is given the authority to determine membership.” Section 8.1.6 says that any member may refer another member to the committee for removal.

In essence, this constitution will “ensure party tranquility” by eliminating all dissenting voices.

The preamble continues by saying the constitution will “provide for the defense of our principles and values” by giving the state chair the power to “form and dissolve committees as necessary.”

Next the preamble declares that the “Constitution” will “promote the general welfare of our political party” as “the state chair shall form and dissolve dysfunctional subordinate committees as necessary to fulfill this state committee duty.”

It is unclear how giving the state chair unilateral power to declare committees dysfunctional and dissolve them would “promote the general welfare” of MIGOP.

In Section 2.1, the document claims that no state or federal law or court has authority over the party, “The Michigan Republican Party does assert authority over the governance of all of the affairs of thestate party exclusive of legislative and judicial intervention as provided by Heitmanis v. Austin 899 F.2d 521(6th Cir. 1990).”

In Section 2.4, the constitution declares that it supercedes all county, district, and state bylaws, suggesting that any county can continue to have its own bylaws as long as they “comport within the scope and intent of this Constitution.”

In Section 2.7 the document declares that every committee member has certain duties, and if neglected, “then the acts are considered negligent then this constitutes ‘good cause’ for removal proceedings.” These duties include the “duty of loyalty,” which is “one of the fiduciary duties owed by Michigan Republican Party officers, delegates, and members. The duty of loyalty requires that all place the interests of the Michigan Republican Party and the delegates before any of their personal interests.”

Party above all other personal interests. Party above family. Party above God. Where have we heard that before?

The constitution continues in the next sentence, “This duty can be breached when the committee determines that a person’s public actions and speech cause a majority of the committee to determine that the person is acting disloyal which shall be good cause for removal proceedings.” Tweet something disloyal to Dear Leader and you’ll be removed for disloyalty!

Party insiders and experts have immediately attacked the document.

Attorney, parliamentarian and precinct delegate from Northville, Matt Wilk, reviewed this document and told Bigger Truth, “This document is breathtaking in its stupidity. Their mockery of our actual Constitution and its principles is obvious and offensive. Tucked in every nook and cranny of this document is the concept of their Star Chamber of Kristina and her handlers deciding for every Republican in the state what to say, how to act and who to support. Everyone who had a hand in drafting this should be called to account.”

Adam de Angeli, founder of Rescue Michigan, told Bigger Truth, “This document confirms what we have known all along: that the goal of Kristina Karamo’s handlers and her followers is to convert the Michigan Republican Party into a dictatorial cult, one that would strip away the autonomy of every county and district committee. It is the most antithetical document to conservative values and principles ever written.”

This document was discussed by James Copas at a meeting on 2/17. Bigger Truth spoke to a member who attended, who said that Copas claimed authorship of the document. The member who attended, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of being removed from the group, said, “He was telling everyone they would have to read the “Constitution” 100 times before they would understand how it really gave power to the delegates.”

Copas was the former executive director of the Karamo regime until he was removed along with Karamo and General Counsel Dan Hartman on Jan. 6. The Karamo organization continues to claim it is the official MIGOP and the Karamo is the official chair and that her removal was illegal and illegitimate, despite every parliamentarian and legal expert who has reviewed the bylaws declaring her removal legitimate.

When the RNC unanimously voted to affirm the legitimacy of her removal, Karamo claimed the RNC is corrupt. When Trump endorsed her elected replacement, Pete Hoekstra, and came to Michigan to hold a rally in Oakland County with Hoekstra, Karamo claimed Trump makes bad personnel decisions.

There will be a hearing tomorrow, Feb. 27, to determine, in part, whether Karamo will be ordered to stop pretending to be MIGOP Chair and surrender control over the bank accounts, voter data, mailing lists, and other party assets.

Karamo is planning a state convention and caucus in Detroit to compete with the official state caucus called by MIGOP Chair Pete Hoekstra called in Grand Rapids on March 2. In the email sent out by Robert Owens, it urges delegates to attend Karamo’s convention to approve of the Constitution.

Copas called the this Constitution “A REAL MIGOP GRASSROOTS FOOTPRINT OPPORTUNITY!(sic)” in a letter to delegates about the document dated Feb. 21.

Copas spoke to Bree Moeggenberg on the phone on Feb 26 and he told her, “This document is 98% perfect.”

Bigger Truth emailed Karamo, Copas, and Robert Owens directly for comment prior to publication and they did not respond.

Read the entire document below:


Update: “Poison Pill”

An attorney intimately involved in MIGOP activities contacted Bigger Truth after publication of this story to draw attention to a poison pill that appears to be intentionally designed to destroy MIGOP and force it to fund far left causes.

Towards the end of the document, in the hypocritical “Bill of Rights” that mocks the Bill of Rights created by this country’s founding fathers. It contains 23 “rights.” It’s a good read if you want your brain to melt.

The attorney points to the “14th Right: All Michigan Republican Party members have the right of fair treatment without respect to the former political affiliation, or any discriminatory practices.”

The first part of this “right” says that a member of the Communist Party of America can become a precinct delegate and this “right” demands that the communist has a right to be treated fairly (unless they run afoul of the chair or the Conflict Resolution Committee).

But the last three words are of particular concern to this attorney. He said that “any discriminatory practices” is an open invitation for members of other parties to join the party, get themselves kicked out with bad behavior and then sue the party for civil rights violations of the Elliot Larsen Act, which provides extremely harsh financial punishment in the case of “discriminatory practices.”

The attorney told Bigger Truth, “So for example, a group of Democrats who support transsexual grooming or pornography in school libraries decide to join the Republican Party. If they are removed, they have a discrimination claim by contract.”

“They want to codify the Elliot Larsen Act and discriminatory practices into the Republican Party, ensuring litigation for the next 20 years.”

“The MIGOP becomes the cash cow for liberal ideology and forced discrimination claims. This is insane, it tells me that the Democratic infiltration is at a peak.”

In Robert Owens’ email to delegates about the Constitution, he included the following document, listing the names of the 17 members of the “Constitution Review Committee.”

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