MICHIGAN – An email was sent out to delegates across this state this week that threatened delegates with removal if they fail to complete it. The email is from a previously unknown web address but appears to be from the MI Precinct First (MIPF) team, which supports ousted Michigan Republican Party (MIGOP) chair Kristina Karamo.

Bigger Truth obtained screenshots of the email and the entire survey, including an ominous message for those who do not complete the survey, provided at the bottom of this story.

Anna Timmer, an MIPF leader who was featured in part two of our investigative series on the GOP Color Revolution for engaging in a documented process of gaslighting the host of classes on Robert’s Rules of Order, told Bigger Truth on X, “This screenshot is not MIPF, it’s a copycat likely created by you and your friends to further your smear.”

The email, however, was sent to the list of precinct delegates throughout the state. This email list is among the property that Karamo has refused to surrender to newly-elected Chairman Pete Hoekstra, along with the bank accounts. Hoekstra’s team has created a website where all delegates and Republican voters statewide are encouraged to enter their contact info so the party can build its own email list from scratch.

The email is sent from contact@miprecinctproject, which in an unlisted web address with no available owner information. The mailing address on the email is 7200 Taylor St., Hudsonville, MI, which does not exist, according to Google Maps.

The survey has been sent multiple times to every delegate, and most delegates who are active on public Telegram channels report that they are not opening the survey, despite the emails threatening message, “If you haven’t taken the survey yet, you need to take it now, or you risk being removed as a precinct delegate come August.”

Just hours after our last report, the following email was sent out with the heading, “False information is rampant,” then suggesting that the reports are “rhetoric coming from the establishment.”

The survey includes just four questions: 1. Who do you plan to support in the presidential primary, Trump or Haley? 2. In your opinion, who is the current chair of the Michigan Republican Party, Karamo or Hoekstra? 3. How would you rank your current County Republican Party Chair, 1-10? 4. Are you familiar with Michigan Precinct First, yes or no?

The respondent who provided these screenshots to Bigger Truth did not complete the survey, and was sent the following message on signal in response to refusing to complete it, “Prepare to be unseated. The Michigan Republican Policy Network will be informing delegates of your refusal to be accountable.”

The threat to remove delegates is entirely consistent with the video Karamo’s team has released and openly endorsed, which states that their first goal for the March 2 caucus is to remove Trump-endorsed and duly elected MIGOP Chair Hoekstra and other executive committee members.

In an illegitimate meeting Karamo held on Jan. 13, after her removal, she led the removal of six executive committee members for being her outspoken critics. She has also endorsed the removal of the entire Kalamazoo County executive committee. As Bigger Truth reported in our last report, District 9 removed two members simply for attending a meeting.

Threats and removal of dissenting voices has become a mainstay of MIPF and Karamo’s failed administration. She foretold her intentions in veiled language in a Dec. 2023 tweet, “Republicans across America want reform. We will deliver it. It will be ugly, However in the end, we will be free (sic).”

The freedom she is heading towards seems to the Maoist/Stalinist kind of freedom instead of that favored by most Republicans, however.

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