Why would Nikki Haley be giving a victory speech when she lost by 20pts in her home state? If you didn’t see it you can get the idea from this short clip:

Her smile looks like Biden’s smile at 3am on Nov 4, 2020 when he was down by over 500k votes in Pennsylvania and he said they were going to win Pennsylvania.

Based on my research into the nationwide operation to infiltrate the grass roots, here’s what I think could happen and why there is such a push to get Dems to vote for Trikki Nikki in open primary states and the convoluted way she might be able to become the nominee, even if she enters the convention with no numerical chance.

My research and reporting has revealed an seven year operation to infiltrate the GOP grassroots and recruit and indoctrinate a large body of precinct delegates in Michigan. I will be releasing more reports starting this week detailing how this operation has unfolded in the same timeframe, with the same goals and methods, in three other states. I have spoken with county and district executive committee members in other states – red, purple, and blue – and I believe this operation is occurring to varying degrees nationwide, tailored to each state’s individual circumstances.

The operation indoctrinates delegates with the methods and goals of the far left. You know them because they become far left agitators and disruptors at conventions, engage in slanderous character assassination against anyone who disagrees with them, use the Bible and ideological purity tests as weapons against members of their own party, insult large donors, fail to engage in any meaningful Get Out The Vote (GOTV) initiatives, and they aim to restructure the Republican Party with bylaws that concentrate power among the elites in the name of the “grassroots.”

If you examine the GOP in your own state you will probably see some or all of these traits within a growing group of delegates.

One of the objectives of the leaders of the Disruptors in MI and in other states is control and influence over who the delegates will be that go to National Convention. Here in MI, even though Kristina Karamo has been removed as chair, she is still holding her own alternate state caucus – distinct from the official state caucus – and has said she will send a delegation to Milwaukee. The RNC has clearly stated they will only recognize the delegation sent by the caucus led by Trump-supported MIGOP Chair Pete Hoekstra.

In August 2022, a similar situation occurred when Macomb County, one of the largest GOP delegations in the state, sent two separate slates of delegates to the state convention after a split of the county party. Then-MIGOP Chair Ron Weiser had announced unilaterally which delegation he would recognize, and it wasn’t the one led by the Disruptors, who had just delivered a huge new class of freshman delegates through Michigan Precinct First (MIPF), an organization built to recruit and indoctrinate low-information delegates and ensure Karamo’s eventual election to state chair.

After much yelling, screaming, and contrived chaos, Weiser quickly recognized that unless he struck a deal with the Disruptors he would be removed as chair at that meeting. A deal was struck, a vote was taken, and the Disruptor slate of Macomb delegates replaced the slate that Weiser had previously recognized.

At the time, about 80% of the delegates thought this was a good grassroots victory. The majority of state delegates, including Mark Forton – who was the Chair of the Disruptor Macomb delegation – and JD Glaser – who led the on-stage negotiation with Weiser on behalf of the Macomb delegation – supported the Disruptors. Now that the truth has come to light, these leaders and more than half of the state committee soundly reject Karamo’s methods and outcomes and welcome Hoekstra as the new party chair.

Just as the FBI Whitmer Kidnapping PlotTM was a precurser to the FBI operation to manufacture a (non)insurrection on Jan 6, 2021, could the Michigan August 2022 state convention be a practice run for the 2024 RNC National Convention in Milwaukee?

The Disruptors have engaged in similar tactics nationwide in an effort to take over and force their will upon county, district, and state conventions, even when they are the minority.

At the January 27 Arizona State Committee Meeting that elected Gina Swoboda as the new AZGOP Chair, Shelby Busch, Brian Ference, Jim O’Connor and a large group of their supporters comprising about one third of the state committee members attended the state committee meeting, many wearing “ultra MAGA” red shirts. They engaged in the same tactics of the Disruptor delegates in the Michigan August 2022 convention, yelling, attempting to intimidate other members, and using Robert’s Rules to create confusion and delays as they sought to impose their will to elect O’Connor as state chair.

Fortunately for the future of AZGOP, the non-Disruptor contingent was well prepared. One state committee member told Bigger Truth an email was distributed among “the good guys” with a brief history of the Disruptors and their tactics and goals along with a copy of our story on the operation in Michigan, showing that this is a multi-state operation. Tyler Bowyer was drafted to chair the meeting. Bowyer was well-prepared and the Disruptors’ tactics failed. Trump’s endorsee, Swoboda, was elected.

Kari Lake, who endorsed the Distruptors on the O’Connor slate, was resoundly boo’ed by the delegation when a newspaper article in the Arizona Daily Independent confirmed their underhanded tactics. They had presented O’Connor as a last-minute candidate when in fact it was proven his nomination was a carefully constructed plan developed at least a month in advance of the State Committee meeting to take over the party. A follow up story is coming soon.

Bigger Truth has spoken with executive committee members in Idaho, Nebraska, and South Carolina, who have said it looks extremely likely that their states could attempt to send trained Disruptors to the National Convention. In Idaho, Chair Dorothy Moon, subject of a forthcoming story, led a change in the bylaws so the state caucus determines how national delegates vote for President, however the chair can now choose who will be delegates to Milwaukee. It appears likely she will choose Disruptors to be those delegates.

According to RNC rules, the delegates are only bound, or forced, to vote for the candidate selected by their state’s voters or caucus for the first round of voting. Some states’ bylaws bind their delegates for two or more rounds. Once the delegates are unbound, all bets are off. If the voting makes it to round two, the delegates could select a nominee other than President Trump.

How could it play out? If enough states send Disruptors to Milwaukee, they could wreak havoc and create confusion, all to be observed on the national stage. They could protest, trying to pressure the RNC to change the rules for convention. They could try to broker a switch in the Michigan delegation, as an alternate slate of delegates selected by Karamo plans to go to Milwaukee.

If enough Dems turn out in GOP primaries in the nine open primary states on Super Tuesday, and if some sort of false flag news event came out against President Trump right before convention, maybe there would be just enough doubt in the minds of RNC committee members and delegates to somehow, even in violation of bylaws, make it to the third round, where, mysteriously, Trikki Nikki or even someone else becomes the nominee.

It would not be unprecedented. This last happened to the GOP in 1948. The 1924 Democrat National Convention went 103 rounds.

In the upcoming days I’ll be releasing a report comparing the details of the Disruptor operations in Michigan, Arizona, South Carolina, and Idaho.

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