MIGOP chair Pete Hoekstra and Kristina Karamo
MIGOP chair Pete Hoekstra and Kristina Karamo

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LANSING – Two top attorneys for the Republican National Committee (RNC) wrote an open letter on Jan. 24 saying that Karamo’s removal was legitimate and in accordance with Michigan Republican Party (MIGOP) bylaws. A spokesperson for a Telegram channel that Kristina Karamo has officially promoted called the attorneys “globalist fools.”

Karamo’s attorney wrote a letter on Jan. 25 declaring to the RNC attorneys “your opinion is irrelevant.”

The letter was signed by RNC General Counsel and State Chairman of North Carolina GOP Michael Whatley and RNC Chief Counsel Matthew Raymer. They wrote that their determination is a preliminary determination, which they say is necessary because of the RNC Winter Meeting taking place next week, at which each state GOP chair will have a vote.

They wrote that neither Ms. Karamo nor newly-elected chair Pete Hoekstra will have a vote at the meeting but both are invited to attend. The letter says their determination is a preliminary one that might change, and concludes by saying, “Following the RNC Winter Meeting, a body of RNC Members will move to quickly review this dispute and make such recommendations as they believe appropriate.”

On the Telegram channel, Unshackle the Mitten, which Karamo endorsed in an email to her state-wide email list on Jan. 15, the anonymous administrator called the RNC attorneys “globalist fools” and wrote, “our voice will not be silenced by a kangaroo court and we won’t accept a corrupt ruling from globalists infesting the RNC.”

karamo's team calls RNC attorneys "globalist fools"

Attorney Dan Hartman, who was removed as MIGOP General Counsel in the same Jan. 6 meeting that removed Karamo, wrote a long letter to the precinct delegates on Jan. 26 telling delegates that the opinion of the RNC is “irrelevant” and that it is the delegates, not the RNC, who will decide who is chair.

The delegates already decided however, as the state committee members who removed her are delegates, appointed by other delegates through the processes defined by the bylaws.

After the RNC letter, Karamo called a “special meeting” to “affirm the January 13th meeting results and elect a Co-Chair.” After the Jan. 6 meeting removed Karamo as chair and appointed co-chair Malinda Pego as interim chair, Pego then officially canceled the Jan. 13 meeting.

The results Karamo apparently wants to affirm was a vote to affirm that Jan. 6 was an illegitimate meeting and that Karamo is still chair, regardless of what the bylaws – and the state committee – say.

5th District Chair JD Glaser provided the following response to Hartman’s letter and Karamo’s “special meeting” in a statement to Bigger Truth, “People don’t get to vote on whether a meeting was valid. If quorum was obtained, and bylaws followed, it was valid. If people do not show up on election day, they can’t demand a revote the following day. That is not part of our system. We are either the party that follows its own bylaws or we aren’t.”

In his letter, Hartman also called for Michigan National Committeeman Rob Steele to weigh in, “I truly feel it is time for him to speak truth on the facts of this matter.”

When asked if he intends to “speak truth on the facts of this matter” as Hartman requested, Steele responded to Bigger Truth, “I have no idea what that statement means. I have been transparent with all parties. I am on RNC Credentials, so [I am] neutral.”

Bigger Truth texted Hartman to ask if he will encourage Karamo to step down if Steele sides with the RNC after they make their final determination. He did not respond.

Since her removal, Karamo has engaged in 1-2 weekly events held for delegates in counties with party leadership that supports her. She calls these meetings, “Questions, Answers, and Facts” and they tend to last over two hours. Video of some of these events can be found on Rumble.

These meetings always open in extensive Bible reading and prayer, focusing only on scripture that encourages themes of guarding against enemies, waging a holy war, and proving salvation with works. In watching these videos, Bigger Truth has yet to see mention of any scriptures that reveal the Gospel story of God’s free gift of redemption for sins offered through Christ’s death and resurrection.

As was previously reported, the most common theme of these meetings is the demonization of her opponents within the GOP. In her most recent meeting on Jan. 21, she explained why she has vowed to never step down.

Karamo said, “How do we stop these people from toppling our republic? That’s all I can be focused on so if I ever come across as rude or crass or mean or condescending, that is never my intention, never my intention. Again, my background is in education, I used to deal with teenagers. But with that being said, I’m now looking at the collapse of our civilization…I can’t lose focus.”

Her audience responded with applause and shouts of “Amen!”

Karamo is a talented and charismatic speaker, and her listeners seem to gobble up with much applause her rhetoric about election integrity and illegal immigration even though she offers no actionable solutions apart from blaming her critics and predecessors for the problems that have resulted from her administration.

Newly elected chair Pete Hoekstra sent out a party email on Jan. 23 with a radically different tone. He said, “Luckily, with President Trump’s decisive win tonight in New Hampshire, he is now the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party and we can start to focus our efforts on BEATING Joe Biden, rather than in-party fighting.

“If we unify and deliver Michigan for Donald Trump – he will be the 47th President of the United States. That is the mission.”

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